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GMC Bill organizer

Automatic transfer of purchase invoice data to your company’s ERP system

  • Time saved – it takes 10-15 minutes (at the moment of receiving invoice) to enter invoice data to ERP system by hand from single purchase order, whereas with the help of organizer it will take only 2-3 minutes to register all already scanned purchase invoices at once
  • Double return – administration cost savings which are then redirected to processes that create added-value
  • Possibility to simultaneously manage purchase invoices of several companies
  • Huge quantity of purchase invoices can be processed with the current resources
  • Timely executed purchase invoices with suppliers ensure the operational management of working capital and ensure its stability
  • Increased responsiveness due to easy-to-find and traceable accounts in the organizer


  • Access to the e-invoice archive through the ERP system
  • scanned and digitized invoices are automatically transferred to your company’s ERP system
  • Ability to quickly detect and correct errors
  • Fully integrated with MS Dynamics AX