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Purchase Order

Maintaining growing sales requires an efficient process that not only allows you to seamlessly coordinate your purchasing procedures with suppliers, but also to keep your customers happy and recommend you. Once placed, purchase orders are processed quickly and without delay, all within budget. To meet these challenges, we have developed a “GM Consult” solution for organizations ready for optimal procurement management. With its help you can expect the following results:

  • Automated system replaces slow physical work
  • Decreases in: the number of human errors, the time it takes to get the job done, the need for manpower
  • Monitor cost movement of the purchasing chain and optimize it according to need
  • A simpler purchasing process speeds up the workflow
  • Saved staff capacity is focused on building relationships with customers and suppliers


  • Convenient and intuitive staff tuning to the system
  • Fully integrated with Dynamics AX
  • The system adaptable to the company’s existing ERP program
  • Monitor purchase order status in real time
  • Full control of the supervisor when approving purchase requests from any smart device
  • The purchase order is executed only after receiving approval from the responsible manager