About us

About us

We are an IT company, where close cooperation with business determines the success of our projects. We transfer our insights and knowledge into digital solutions for business: from agriculture to warehouse management, logistics or special needs projects for companies to work with IKEA.

Our most significant focus is process automation and digitisation. Our philosophy is based on the idea that solutions must save time and resources, automate processes and eliminate human error. Is it still worth wasting human resources on processes that can be easily automated?

We know the business processes and the business management systems that the business work together with. So, the solutions we develop are easily integrated with your VMS. In this way, we avoid high costs and the intimidating “let’s start from scratch” philosophy.

Our uniqueness and value to the customer is and in-depth knowledge of VMS systems:

  • We easily integrate our products into the VMS you use.
  • We improve your VMS according to the problem or need.
  • Data updating takes place right HERE, and NOW, no additional data entry is required.

Our team is divided and works by areas of activity. It is how we dedicate relevant competencies where they are needed most:

  • Process analysts.
  • Business analysts.
  • IT programmers and technicians.

Working in teams allows our analysts and technicians to work in-depth. This way, we present customers with well-developed and highly well-thought-out IT solutions that work and solve a specific problem.
The specialisation of employees allows them to deepen their IT knowledge and competencies in the areas or segments our customers work: agriculture, grain, logistics and warehousing, etc.


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