IT Economy

IT economy

The main activity of this GMC team is the administration and maintenance of companies IT infrastructure. We ensure the smooth operation of IT systems, quickly respond to problems, optimise and update the entire IT economy.

  • We design, assemble, install, connect and maintain computer networks. We ensure the maintenance of network equipment in working condition, and we perform network monitoring.
  • We select, order, prepare servers for work, connect them to the system and maintain them.
  • We take care of data security: ensuring backups, maintenance of disk caches, etc.
  • We select, order, prepare for work and maintain consumer computers.
  • We consult on IT issues.
  • We prepare mobile devices for work with customer systems, and we maintain them.
  • We maintain various software in the client's IT system (except Axapta & co ), e-mail system, DVS and similar systems
  • We maintain other electronic IT systems: access control, video surveillance systems, X-ray IT systems, etc.
  • We manage the entire printer farm, take care of consumables and timely replacement.
  • We advise company managers on IT system reconstruction issues.

Quite simply and concisely, we take care of client's issues caused by the IT economy and its maintenance!